Inspired by my experiences through my own self-development and self love journey, this is my personal blog. Be prepared to read about life lessons, self-love, mental health and wellness. There will also be a dash of poetry (that may or may not rhyme), and some quotes to bring out your inner warrior and diva. The goal is to create a positive and honest space for myself and many others, to inspire and move you closer to yourself and your aspirations, and assist you along your own journey.

Speaking the truth in all aspects of my life is important. I believe that having and utilizing your voice can open your life up in many ways. Writing helped me to find my voice and it only gets louder as the years go by. Utilizing your voice by speaking your truth encourages purpose in your life and promotes a positive esteem and self-image. I am quirky, witty and hilariously sarcastic. I am passionate, and I am loving. I aspire to assist others as they strive to be the best version of themselves, one quote at a time.

I am currently in the process of writing my first book which will be a poetic autobiography. It will be filled with poems, quotes, and life lessons. For now, check out the “Blog” section for more.

Trudi Brown.