Happy Hot Girl Summer

Why this is THE hot girl summer

I am very much in support of the hot girl summer movement and yes, it is a movement.

Everywhere you go women are yelling “hot girl summer this” and “hot girl summer that.” Temperature aside, I am very much in support of the hot girl summer movement and yes, it is a movement.

See, for generations women have stepped into the season of summer in silence. Whether you were basking in the heat, soaking up all of the rays, tanning, swimming, beaching or just having a quiet summer at home, you did it in silence. Cue the wave of unapologetic hot girls declaring that this summer is for the taking and we have arrived.

Women continue to bask, soak, tan, swim and beach it up in the normal summer season fashion. Summer 2019 though, you will hear all about it before, during and after the festivities are “weeks ago” on our IG feeds.

Hot girl summer has been defined in a variety of ways but the underlining message is all about living your best life. A hot girl summer has nothing to do with looks. In fact, any AND every hot girl will tell you that being a hot girl has more to do with your attitude than it does with your looks, but that’s another topic, for another day.

So now that we are all caught up on the meaning of hot girl summer, how can you ensure that you partake in the festivities and have yourself a Happy Hot Girl Summer? Simple. Do what makes you happy, try something new, step out of your comfort zone, enjoy all the things and most importantly, live your life according to you.

Now go out there, have a Happy Hot Girl Summer and make sure you show your fellow hot girls some love. That includes you.


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