My Life Saving Journey


I am on a life saving fitness journey! If you didn’t know… well now you know! Eating healthy and working out are things that I love to do now but I didn’t always love those things. Throughout my life I wasn’t very active and my idea of eating healthy was having a side salad instead of fries with my quarter pounder with cheese. As long as I can remember I was always on the heavier side, at first I just thought that puberty loved me so much that it wanted to ensure that I had all the cushion I needed. I rocked my weight throughout my teens, while behind the scenes I was plagued with insecurities and low self-esteem, the image that I had of myself could never match up to the image that I came face to face with everyday. I was really hard on myself back then. Like a doughnut that’s been sitting out of the box too long, hard. Like walking up the stairs and having to use your lower body to do anything after leg day, hard. But I think you get it.

Fast-forward to my 20s when I realized that eating healthy and staying active was actually important. Guess my grade 9 gym teacher was right after all. I wasn’t a spring chicken anymore, the hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken as everyday meals were no longer acceptable. I frequently had break outs, stomach pains, really bad cramping and not to mention the bloat. You know that uncomfortable, nothing fits so I’m wearing leggings and a long, baggy shirt. Ya the bloat was real! There were days that I couldn’t look myself in the mirror because I literally looked like I was pregnant. I felt heavy, and sick all of the time.

So when the doctor looked at me and told me that I was prediabetic and that my LDL (bad cholesterol) levels were troublesome. I wasn’t at all surprised. In fact as she said the very things that I didn’t want to hear she commented that it seemed like I knew this already. She was right, I knew that I was unhealthy and that if I didn’t change my lifestyle sooner than later, my lifestyle was going to be changed for me. My doctor then proceeded to educate me about the various medications that she would like for me to take. I can’t tell you what they were because I said NO. That’s right I said no to medication, for several reasons. The most important being, that the prediabetic diagnosis tells me that I am not quite there yet, in fact it’s the biggest wake up call, NO the best wake up call that I could have every received.

Life has a way of teaching you lessons, like don’t sip your coffee right after you brush your teeth, because that taste is unforgettable. And other times it’s a diagnosis, it is up to you to decide what you will do with that information. If you take my advice I would drink the coffee anyways, taste be damned, coffee is awesome. A life saving fitness journey is a choice and I hope you choose to live, I hope you choose to fight, I hope you choose to be your own advocate. I hope you choose you.

Trudi Brown


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